12: U and I

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The fellas try to be friends via Apple Watch, but Bill is maxed out on friends and now has to decide which favorite contact gets the boot. They then talk third party watch apps, share doodles, and various “how do you use this feature…” questions.

The technical talk is all about UI design this week. Bill shares his thoughts on the Sketch 3 course on Treehouse. The discussion hits on Photoshop comparison to Sketch 3, using mockups to sort out app features, and UI design principals.

Marc clears up some of Bill’s questions regarding how assets for various size screens are applied, Asset Catalogs, and how Xcode deals with these groups of assets. He also hits on some of the Accessibility features and how rolling your own UI can hinder the usage of an app for VoiceOver users.

Bill has a need for deliverables and assigns himself some homework for next week.